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Heuristic Investment Systems working with Hamilton Wealth Management.

Heuristic investment provide a quarterly investment strategy and a asset allocation recommendations to the investment committee and a range of regular strategy and A documents and bespoke and ad-hoc support on investment related issues.

Heuristics provides an objective, interactive, tailored investment strategy and asset allocation resource and leveraging off its own Strategy Engine software platform. We work with fund managers and industry funds, wealth managers, asset consultants and planning groups in areas such as asset allocation and equity sector strategy.

Heuristics Investment Strategy Bureau service provides objective, data-driven tactical asset allocation and equity sector strategy and a strategic asset allocation research and advice.

Heuristics investment licenses the Fixed Interest Engine to industry fund and fund manager clients with a focus on Australian securities and practices including compliance and performance measurement.

Hamilton Wealth Management is a privately owned as well as boutique private wealth management firm delivering wealth management and financial advisory services to sophisticated individuals as well as families but not for profit institutions.

Heuristics works with fund managers, industry funds and family offices in asset allocation as well as equity sector strategy and broader investment strategy. We license the fixed interest portfolio management system to large industry funds.

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